Gaining Momentum in sustainable Industrial and Logistics buildings: Part I

Momentum is our soon-to-complete innovative industrial and logistics development with Barings – a cutting-edge building that will redefine the landscape of sustainable industrial and logistics facilities.

In this new article series we’re hearing from those who’ve helped bring the scheme to life – starting Corie Bishop, Associate Director at Anderson Green. Here, he talks us through more of the design decisions that have helped create this exemplary I&L scheme.

Momentum stands out as a testament to sustainability – and something we’re proud to be a part of.

My Anderson Green colleagues and I took on the project in 2020, working with our client HBD and our friends at Cundall to ensure the plans were as sustainable as possible, working for an initial six months purely on refining the ideas.

Everything in that process was about balance; ensuring that we could maximise sustainability credentials and offer optimal value to the market. Energy monitoring and calculations played a pivotal role at this stage, feeding into the collaborative efforts with Cundall to fine-tune the design for optimal performance and Net Zero carbon outcomes.

Scaling back to maximise results

A key strategy employed was the scaling back of buildings. Back in 2020, the plans for Momentum included 12 separate structures, but we made a collective decision to reduce that to the four larger buildings now occupying the site.

We made use of other levers at our disposal; working with the geometry of the site and moving the proposed office spaces so that they occupied East facing plots as opposed to North. This would maximise sunlight and reduce energy consumption. Conscious too of the solar gain, we also made recommendations on glazing and fittings – again to balance out each issue.

Staying ahead of the curve

Testament to HBD’s unwavering dedication is its constant drive to set new benchmarks, anticipate future needs, and surpass industry standards. This commitment was demonstrated during the Momentum project, where we collectively ensured that designs not only met but surpassed the impending regulatory requirements set to take effect in 2021, all while the building was still under construction.

HBD’s adaptability and proactive approach enabled us to confront challenges head-on. Given the magnitude of the project, numerous hurdles arose, particularly in addressing intricate details like integrating window contacts to allow natural fresh air ventilation without the constant battle of increased heating and cooling loses. However, through cohesive teamwork, we tackled each obstacle with determination.

A beacon for the future

I am so proud to be a part of the Momentum team – a beacon of high-quality, sustainable development, setting a new standard for the I&L sector.

But, while the scheme undoubtedly underscores the potential for the sector to lead the way in sustainable construction practices there’s still a long road ahead in I&L, so I hope this project serves as a benchmark for the industry – showing what can be done when multiple partners pull together – paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future.