“Everyone deserves great amenities”: The agents’ view: Part 2 – Residential

This week we’ve handed the mic over to our agents, delving into what occupiers really want from their homes, workspaces and neighbourhoods in 2024 and beyond.

In the second article in the series, we meet Liam Smith of Knight Frank who’s tasked with helping us market Setl – where we’ve created 102-apartments for sale in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Setl is a remarkable building, and I’m immensely proud to be part of the story, promoting a project that really will set a new standard for the Midlands and other cities outside London.

But what is it that elevates Setl? In this crowded industry where “unique” is an overused term, Setl distinguishes itself by successfully catering to the evolving needs of urban dwellers post-Covid.

In 2024, people living in cities are attracted to great amenities in their buildings, but such luxuries have long been the preserve of large-scale build-to-rent projects, meaning properties have to push the boundaries to continue to attract and secure today’s occupiers. Setl accomplishes this by offering residents more than just somewhere to live, creating for example communal areas and a co-working lounge.

The pandemic also underscored the importance of urban green spaces, prompting city dwellers to prioritise having their own outdoor sanctuaries in recent years.  At Setl, HBD has responded to this increasing demand by creating a rooftop garden, providing residents with an inviting space to socialise and relax amidst the urban landscape. Setl’s innovative approach serves as a beacon, inspiring further sustainable and community-centric urban projects.

Setting a new standard in urban living 

Setl isn’t just a place to live – it’s an exceptional experience. It provides the rare balance of a space that not only boasts a prime location but also raises the bar for amenities and green spaces.

These qualities make Setl a much-desired attraction, with its well-designed homes, communal spaces, and meticulous attention to detail like intricate brickwork that celebrates Birmingham’s local character. All elements which earn it a reputation of being a standard-beater in the residential sector.

I’m privileged to be part of this journey, one that redefines urban living as we know it.