The story of TECA

At HBD, we believe in creating places with purpose and along that journey, we look to work with the best in the business. Those individuals, companies and partners who share our common goal and purpose.

TECA is now a place with purpose; on the outskirts of Aberdeen, this is our biggest development to date and by collaborating with Aberdeen City Council, we transformed an unloved site into the world-renowned facility it is today.

This video was shot the week before we practically completed the site and packed up our bags. We wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the key people from the TECA project – not all could be included (the team was 600+ strong at some points and wouldn’t that be a long video) – and listen to their reflections of this momentous project.

So, if you have a spare five minutes, sit back and take a look…

Meet the people behind the project